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Getting it right for our community


Curious Minds Education Centre aims to create a unique childcare facility, to centre themselves in the heart of the community, connecting all people together, bringing sincere warmth of nurturing, education and connection.


Influencing our young minds with skills and talents of people within our community, nurturing our future adults to care and create a happy and rewarding future and so creating a better world.  Children's mental health is a priority in Curious Minds, having good mental health is key to healthy development and wellbeing of every child. Children need good mental health - not only to deal with challenges and adapt to change, but so they can feel good about themselves, build healthy relationships with others and enjoy life.


Our aim is to develop and deliver a high quality childcare provision, designed to enhance each child's full potential socially, emotionally, physically and educationally by innovative practices and a focus on learning through 'play' advocating valuable outdoor experiences. As the name Curious Mind Education Centre suggests, the emphasis is on children's learning and development, with the importance on cultivating and encourage each child's natural ability to be curious. However, we also aim to acknowledge that the workforce, families and community are also equally as important.

"Happy Children, Happy Staff,

Happy Parents and a Happy Community"

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