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Pre-school (3-5s)

At Curious Minds we feel it is imperative to develop innovative ways of delivering the curriculum. We like to think that the fresh and fun approach maintains the excitement of learning for both children and adults, with the understanding that all children are individuals and learn indifferent ways.


Curious minds promote learning through play, play is hugely important part of a child’s brain development; it is through play that children from an incredibly young age engage and interact in the world around them. Play allows children to create and explore a world they can master, conquer their fears, work in groups, share, negotiate, educational topics and to learn many important life skills.

Fun, exploration, and curiosity through active learning will ensure children become absorbed in what they are doing and in turn this will encourage concentration and develop many new skills in a fun environment.

 Loose parts play is an excellent approach to learning, developing a child’s critical thinking skills, their ability to reflect on their own knowledge while learning through experimental play.

 Curious minds have a wide variety of natural and household items [boxes/wood/tires/small natural objects] to enable children to create and investigate through creativity, using their imagination and problem-solving abilities, children learn by doing.

Introduction to woodwork enables each child to learn skills for life, work with real tools, looking at risks while gaining a wealth of learning through captivating their interest, problem solving, co-ordination looking at safety will give them a unique experience.





Further Information

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