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Our Team consists of qualified, dedicated and enthusiastic staff with the passion to make a difference in every child’s life through support, care and positive experiences. All staff are trained to a high level in childcare qualifications [SVQ3/HNC/BA] to ensure effective leadership skills and so provide a high quality of care and educational experience for all children.



The value of experiences in those early years is significant to how well children will be able to fulfil their lifelong potential. Continuous training is essential to ensure our standards are maintained to a very high quality and so endeavouring to be a Centre of  Excellence.

Heather (Office Manager)

I have worked in childcare for over nineteen years and am very lucky that in that time, I have only worked for two companies. (One then evolved into the other). I have worked with Tina for most of that time and with Sara for over eight years since we evolved. I believe that consistant, reliable, dedicated staff are the start to a foundation of care which can be nurtured and developed with stability and regularity. Continuity of care is paramount.


My role within Curious Minds Education centre involves a mixture of childcare and administrative duties. I have an SVQ 3 in childcare, SVQ 4 in Management and a BA in Childhood Practices and Youth Studies - these qualifications enabling me to work in all areas of the nursery with confidence.

Tina (Childcare Manager)

I have worked in childcare for over sixteen years; I have three grown up children and and four amazing grandchildren. I have been extremely fortunate to have met and been influenced by many professional and caring people, who have inspired me. I have a love of early childcare education, the patience and enthusiasm to want to make a difference, to create an educational link between home and nursery, to form bonds with both the children and their families to work together as one to create the best opportunities and learning experience for every child and so have the honour to watch them shine.


I am fully qualified [SVQ3], I have also completed numerous childcare qualifications in many educational topics enabling me to plan, support and follow a wide variety of learning opportunities. I also hold an outdoor learning qualification.

Sara(Childcare Manager)

I’m the childcare manager at Curious Minds Education Centre with over 10 years experience in working with children, being part of the set up of the business it has been both a fun and exciting experience. I have a huge passion for working with children, I love seeing our children grow, develop and learn new skills and being part of their learning journey.


I’m both enthusiastic and dedicated and I believe that the care, attention and learning opportunities in which we provide at Curious Minds are a great foundation for all our children in our care to develop and thrive. I have an HNC in Childcare and also hold an outdoor learning qualification as well as many, many others in childcare related topics.

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