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2 - 3 YEARS

[Little Explorers]

Following the “How Good Is your Early Learning and Childcare" document” our 2-3 group” will get the opportunity to embrace the practice of thoughtful learning, empowering our children to be individual and confident problem solvers.


At Curious Minds we feel that it is important for children to be able to explore - this provides numerous opportunities for unplanned learning; children are natural learners and have an inquisitive curiosity to explore new things as well as a wealth of already learned skills.


We believe in a holistic approach to play, each child is unique, with unique talents which require to be strengthened through exploration, discovery, and creative learning with the emphasis on fun.


Transition – building confidence.

Curious minds feels that a smooth transition is essential, for some children entering our 2-3 group maybe the very first time they have spent a few hours away from their parents, so its crucial that each child can develop a bond with their keywork, following our transition policy.


Each child will benefit tremendously, nurturing a child’s confidence as they learn to complete basic tasks by themselves and discover more about life through fun activities and experiences, widening your child’s experience of the world, while learning about friendships, new skills, visiting different places and nurturing your child’s ability of self-discovery, nurturing their confidence after every new step.



Further Information 

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